QBS Accountants


Reconcile of bank account

It is vitally important the following instructions are carried out at the year end, when the bank is balanced to the year end date.

1.  Make sure that sage has been balanced to the bank statement at the year end date

2.  That will leave in some cases some transactions that have not yet been reconciled e.g. in the top box on the sage reconciliation

3.  Enter "Year end" in the Statement Reference box

4.  Enter the year end date in the next box

5.  Enter the balance per the bank statement at the year end in the End Balance box

6.  The Matched Balance and Statement Balance should match, giving no difference

7.  Press the print button and include this printout with your year end books

8.  Press the To Excel button.  Save this file and forward to us, or print and include in your year end books

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